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An illustration by Walter Crane entitled "The Worker's May-Pole". A woman is elevated and with arms outstretched holds a banner that reads "Socialization. Solidarity. Humanity". Several people dance in a circle around her holding ribbons flowing from her dress that display slogans such as "For the people", "Leisure for all", "Employer's liability" etc.. In the background are several banners with slogans such as "The cause of labour is the hope of the world" and "Neither riches nor poverty".

Radical Thinking in the Long Nineteenth Century

January 2023

A.0. Radical Thinking in the Long Nineteenth Century

Gemma Holgate (Editor-in-Chief)

A.1. Re-reading the Radical in John Addington Symonds’s Memoirs: Poetry, Intertextuality, and Queer Self-Construction

Charles Gough

A.2. ‘The Curfew’s Knell’: Anglo-Saxon England and the Tradition of Dissent in English Romantic Poetry

Rory Edgington

A.3. Defending the Indefensible: Morris, Tennyson and Arthur’s Adulterous Queen

Susan Mooney

A.4. A Pamphlet War: Colonialism versus Radical Nationalism in the Ionian Islands, 1848-1864

Helena Drysdale

A.5. Jewish-American Radicalism in the Nineteenth Century: A Case Study of Anarchist Radicalisation in New York City

Frank Jacob

R.1. Sarah Comyn and Porscha Fermanis, eds., Worlding the South: Nineteenth-Century Literary Culture and the Southern Settler Colonies

Chloe Osborne

R.2. Mark A. Allison, Imagining Socialism: Aesthetics, Anti-politics, and Literature in Britain, 1817-1918

Sophie Thompson

R.3. James Epstein and David Karr, British Jacobin Politics, Desires, and Aftermaths: Seditious Hearts

Joshua Smith

R.4. Béatrice Laurent, Water and Women in the Victorian Imagination

Georgia Toumara

R.5. Sarah Bartels, The Devil and the Victorians: Supernatural Evil in Nineteenth-Century English Culture

Hayley Smith

R.6. Emma Rice (dir.) Wuthering Heights, Wise Children

Bethany Appleton

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