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Karin Koehler’s Thomas Hardy and Victorian Communication: Letters, Telegrams and Postal Systems


Eleanor Shipton (University of Exeter)

Published in:



109 - 113

Date of Publication:

March 2019

About the author

Eleanor Shipton (University of Exeter)

Eleanor Shipton is a SWW DTP funded PhD student, with a specialisation in nineteenth-century literature, technology and the body. She is currently working with Professor John Plunkett (University of Exeter) and Professor Mary Hammond (University of Southampton) on a thesis centred on the concept of the ‘postal body’ in nineteenth-century literature, asking how literature utilised travel on the mail in order to theorise and explore mobility and mobile subjectivities. Eleanor is joint PGR Rep for the Centre for Victorian Studies at Exeter. She completed her MA with Distinction at King's College, London in 2015.

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