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Issue 5 (January 2023)
Radical Thinking in the Long Nineteenth Century

Welcome to the fifth issue of Romance, Revolution & Reform. We are delighted to be a fully open access publication. All our submissions go through a rigorous double-blind review process, and we are proud to publish work from a mixture of established and emerging scholars.

Click on the links below to read the individual articles, or click here to download the full issue.

A.0. Editorial: Radical Thinking in the Long Nineteenth Century

Gemma Holgate (Editor-in-Chief)

A.1. Re-reading the Radical in John Addington Symonds’s Memoirs: Poetry, Intertextuality, and Queer Self-Construction

Charles Gough

A.2. ‘The Curfew’s Knell’: Anglo-Saxon England and the Tradition of Dissent in English Romantic Poetry

Rory Edgington

A.3. Defending the Indefensible: Morris, Tennyson and Arthur’s Adulterous Queen

Susan Mooney

A.4. A Pamphlet War: Colonialism versus Radical Nationalism in the Ionian Islands, 1848-1864

Helena Drysdale

A.5. Jewish-American Radicalism in the Nineteenth Century: A Case Study of Anarchist Radicalisation in New York City

Frank Jacob

R.1. Sarah Comyn and Porscha Fermanis, eds., Worlding the South: Nineteenth-Century Literary Culture and the Southern Settler Colonies

Chloe Osborne

R.2. Review: Mark A. Allison, Imagining Socialism: Aesthetics, Anti-politics, and Literature in Britain, 1817-1918

Sophie Thompson

R.3. Review: James Epstein and David Karr, British Jacobin Politics, Desires, and Aftermaths: Seditious Hearts

Joshua Smith

R.4. Review: Béatrice Laurent, Water and Women in the Victorian Imagination

Georgia Toumara

R.5. Review: Sarah Bartels, The Devil and the Victorians: Supernatural Evil in Nineteenth-Century English Culture

Hayley Smith

R.6. Review: Emma Rice (dir.) Wuthering Heights, Wise Children

Bethany Appleton

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