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Issue 1 (April 2019):

Regionalism Across the World in the Nineteenth Century

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Romance, Revolution & Reform. We are delighted to be an fully open access publication. All of our submissions go through a rigorous double-blind review process, and we are proud to publish work from a mixture of established and emerging scholars.
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Editorial: Regions, Identity, and the Genesis of Romance, Revolution & Reform
Zack White & Katie Holdway, Editor-in-Chief & Deputy Editor
'West Country Scum': National Politics, Local Ritual and Space in the English South West, c. 1820-1832
Leonard Baker, University of Bristol
Anthologies, Periodicals and the Press: Publicising Manchester Poetry in the early 1840s
Harry Bark, University of Oxford
Old Age, Regionalism and 'North-South' Divide in Late Victorian and Edward England
Tom Heritage, University of Southampton
A Dialogic Reverberation between Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native (1878) and Shen Congwen's Long River (1938-1945)
Yuejie Liu, University of Southampton
The Dilemma of William Carleton, Regional Writer and Subject Empire
Barry Sloan, Emeritus Professor, University of Southampton
Karin Koehler's Thomas Hardy and Victorian Communications: Letters, Telegrams and Postal Systems
Eleanor Shipton, University of Exeter
Bennett Zon's Evolution and Victorian Musical Culture
Roger Hansford, Editorial Board
Southampton Centre for Nineteenth-Century Research Regionalism Conference
Sophie Welsh, University of Exeter
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