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Transnationalism in Long-Nineteenth-Century Literature and Twenty-First-Century Heritage

Emma Hills (Editor-in-Chief)


Transnationalism, Nationalism, Globalisation, Heritage, Historiography, Power

Published in:



4 - 9

Date of Publication:

January 2022

About the author

Emma Hills (Editor-in-Chief)

Emma Hills is an SWWDTP Funded PhD Researcher at the University of Southampton and the University of Exeter. Her thesis, 'Disraeli's Library: The Making of an Imperial Imagination 1820-1837' brings together her research interests in nineteenth-century book history, literature and culture, the British Imperial project, postcolonialism, and decolonisation. With a strong interest and experience in the heritage sector - developed through working with the National Trust's collections at Hughenden Manor - in the summer of 2021, Emma undertook a three-month placement with the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro ( Between January 2021 and January 2022, Emma was the Editor-in-Chief of Romance, Revolution and Reform, and produced Issue 4: 'Transnationalism in the Long-Nineteenth Century'.

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