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A.2. ‘The Curfew’s Knell’: Anglo-Saxon England and the Tradition of Dissent in English Romantic Poetry

Rory Edgington

Keywords: Wordsworth; Cottle; Romanticism; Anglo-Saxons; Medievalism; Reformation

Biography: Rory Edgington is a second-year doctoral candidate at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He is currently investigating the political, philosophical, and theological legacy of the English Revolution and its impact on Romanticism. His research focuses in particular on the evolution of millenarian discourses in the work of the English Romantic poets. He has also carried out research on the political ramifications of the domestic sphere in the work of John Milton, and is interested in the use of the sublime to break ideological structures in the poetry of William Blake and P. B. Shelley.

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