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Issue 4 (January 2022)
Transnationalism in the Long-Nineteenth Century

Welcome to the fourth issue of Romance, Revolution & Reform. We are delighted to be a fully open access publication. All our submissions go through a rigorous double-blind review process, and we are proud to publish work from a mixture of established and emerging scholars.

Click on the links below to read the individual articles, or click here to download the full issue.

A.0. Editorial: Transnationalism in Long-Nineteenth Century Literature and Twenty-First Century Heritage

Emma Hills (Editor-in-Chief)

A.1. George Bowen and his 1854 Murray Handbook for Travellers in Greece

Helena Drysdale

A.2. Transnationalism, Translation, and Transgression in the ‘Heinemann International Library’ (1890-97)

Kathy Rees

A.3. Between Nationalism, Transnationalism, and Cosmopolitanism in Daniel Deronda’s Klesmer

Victoria C. Roskams

A.4. An Oceanic Nation of Pirates in Emmanuel Appadocca or Blighted Life: A Tale of the Boucaneers

Olivia Tjon-A-Meeuw

A.5. Heritage as Contestation and Change: Decolonisation in Practice

Christo Kefelas

R.1. Review: Andrew Ginger, Instead of Modernity:
The Western Canon and the Incorporation of the
Hispanic (c.1850-75)

Daniel Jenkin-Smith

R.2. Review: Zoë Thomas, Women Art Workers and the
Arts and Crafts Movement

Cátia Rodrigues

R.3. Review: Clare Walker Gore, Plotting Disability in
the Nineteenth-Century Novel

Hannah Bury

R.4. Review: Jennifer Beauvais, Domesticated
Bachelors and Femininity in Victorian Novels

Tracy Hayes

R.5. Review: Sally Bushell, Reading and Mapping
Fiction: Spatialising the Literary Text

Sophie Welsh

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