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Issue 3 (January 2021):

Reform in the Long-Nineteenth Century

Editorial: Representing Reform in the long-Nineteenth Century
Katie Holdway- University of Southampton
Reform; Mediation; Representation; Definitions; Nineteenth-Century; Household Words
Author Biography:
Katie Holdway is a PhD researcher in the Department of English at the University of Southampton. Her project, funded by the Wolfson Foundation, is entitled ‘Pickwick in the Papers: Dickens and the Politics of Appropriation in the Newspaper Press, 1836-1870’. Katie also researches George Gissing’s 1880s novels and late-eighteenth century radical poetry. Her article on the British Della Cruscan coterie was published in Romanticism in November 2020. She is co-founder of Romance, Revolution & Reform and a member of the Dickens Society Communications Committee.


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